Sunday, December 12, 2010

Update on 'The Big Project'

Our 14 UTAU chorus nears completion! Isn't that exciting? ^^ Our author just has a few more headshots to get done. In the meanwhile though, I, Saori Kireine, got to sing Koe~ Exciting, huh! ^^ And my sister Shisou's gotten to sing 'StargazeR', Uchikine Gouto's sung 'Juvenile' with Bekkah Damene(here: ), and so much more! In addition to this, my big brother Sam joins the party! He'll be debuting with Kimi no Kage, 'Your Shadow', soon enough! Beyond that, this post is only to keep the blog alive. Okay, bye! ^^

(Why do I bother. Nobody's reading this anyway. xD)


This is the unofficially-official blog for the happyUTAUs! We're just a fun little group-sort-of thing that takes in UTAUs who have been abandoned by their owners, left unfinished, or left under any sort of circumstances that leaves them unable to be used. Of course, we also use regular UTAUs and such, but our primary function is to give life to those UTAUs who never got a chance to really show their voices ^^ Would you like your UTAU up here too? Please email us( with your voicebank and bio(template below)! We'll find you a song and get you singing as soon as possible!

The Happy UTAU family:
Kireine Saori-
Age: 17
Voice source: happygolucky1001/Teza
Best for: Slow songs, high songs, ballads, bg vocals and harmonies
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
ACT 2.1 -
Coming soon: Soft VB, Opera VB, SFX VB
Character song: Koe
About: Kireine Saori is an UTAU with a cheerful yet collected personality. She enjoys making music more than anything, and usually spends all of her time doing this. She also plays the piano in her spare time.
Favorite color: Purple
Character item: Cookies!

Kuraine Shisou-
Age: 17
Voice source: happygolucky1001/Teza
Best for: Fast songs, rock songs, powerful songs, low songs, high songs if done right
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: N/A
Character song: Shangri-La - Angela
About: Kuraine Shisou is Saori's not-so-happy sister. She is often snappy, very loud, and quick to react. Unlike her sister, she can't sing in a natural way, and so it often hurts her just to sing. She does it anyway though- she wants to prove how strong she can be.
Favorite color: Deep purple
Character item: Crumbled cookies

DJ Sunny Kosekine-
Age: Unknown
Voice source: DJ Sunset(the creator's producer)
Best for: Slow songs, powerful songs, fast songs, low songs
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: We'll see if I can connive DJ into doing another
Character song: Tautology - Miku Hatsune
About: DJ Sunny is somewhat of a fatherly figure to Shisou, taking care of her and making sure she doesn't push herself too hard. Beyond taking care of her, he is purely a musician, and can usually be found playing his guitar. He is generally a calm guy as long as you don't make him mad.
Favorite color: Warm colors like red and orange
Character item: His guitar

Sainoune Yumiko-
Age: 15
Voice source: mojocrystaltokyo/Kisaka
Best for: Smooth songs, moderate tempo songs; can do slow songs well in some cases
Currently available voicebanks:
Regular -
Coming soon: N/A
Character song: Tsutae Tai = Tsutae Taku Nai - Kagamine Rin
About: Sainoune Yumiko is a cheerful little UTAU who's eager to please. Just like her creator, she is very talented and loves art. When she is not drawing, she can usually be found outdoors sketching, or at her computer.
Favorite color: Pink
Character item: Unknown

Hengene Akari-
Age: Unknown
Voice Source: MewAkari(subject to change)/Delaney
Best for: Cute songs, mid-tempo songs
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: N/A
Character Song: Undetermined
About: Akari is a younger looking UTAU that enjoys spending time with friends, but only allows other to get to know her when she accepts them ad they accept her. Though she can isolate herself from other sometimes, she uses that time to put her feelings down on her artwork and writing.
Favorite Color: Dark Blue
Character Item: N/A

Uchikine Gouto -
Age: 16
Voice source: Wishes to remain anonymous
Best for: Quick songs, mid-range songs, background vocals and harmonies
Currently Available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: Light VB
Character song: Undetermined
About: Uchikine Gouto is a shy and timid UTAU. He'd like to make more friends but is still unsure how, and he had feelings for Yumiko, though wouldn't admit it. He wants to grow stronger soon and tell people how he feels, but for now he'll recluse to himself. His hobbies are juggling, hacking, and baking.
Favorite Color: Light blue
Character item: Blueberries

Chibine Sakyu -
Age: 12
Voice source: happygolucky1001/Teza
Best for: High songs, fast songs, cute songs, sweet songs
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: Dark VB, Soft VB
Character song: Dramatic - YUKI
About: Chibine Sakyu is Kireine Saori's younger cousin. She's always peppy and full of energy, and will do anything she sets her mind to. She's pushy and loud, but caring if she sees something wrong. She enjoys baking and reading in her spare time.
Favorite color: Light purple
Character item: Cookies

Tameraune Kyoku
Age: 15
Voice source: Wishes to remain anonymous(Same as Gouto)
Best for: Slow songs, harmonies, soft songs, low songs, mid-range songs
Currently available voicebanks: Regular -
Coming soon: N/A
Character song: Colors - Utada Hikaru
About: Tameraune Kyoku is a chipper UTAU who's just getting started. She's still unsure about many things, but is still willing to try whatever comes her way. She has a happy disposition, and can't wait to do things. So far, Kyoku enjoys swimming, dancing, and acting. She also likes dressing up in costumes and, since her favorite animal is a frog, owns a frog suit which she wears often.

Rachi Damene-
Age: 8
Voice source: Robby D.
Best for: Children's songs, upbeat songs, moderate tempos
Currently available voicebanks: None
Coming soon: Regular VB
Character song: Again - Yui
About: Rachi is a childish UTAU of only eight. He enjoys playing videos and watching TV for the better part of the day. He has hardly any interest in singing, only doing it on the side when he is bored. He tries pretty hard. It's actually kinda cute.
Favorite color: Green
Character item: Nintendo DS

Kiraine Sam -
Age: 18
Voice source: Anonymous
Best for:
Currently available voicebanks:
Coming soon: Regular(it's done, I just haven't zipped it yet)
Character song:
About: Kiraine Sam is the rash older brother of Kireine Saori. His hobbies consist of playing video games, trying to sleep in through classes, and hanging out with his girlfriend, Kigarune Fueko.
Favorite color: Violet(which is totally not just another shade of purple)
Character item: Burnt cookies


Bio Template;
Name -
Voice source:
Best for:
Currently available voicebanks:
Coming soon:
Character song:
Favorite color:
Character item:

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